Spectra zine features nineteen stories from people of colour with lived experience of mental health issues.


This project began in 2014 when I was struggling with my own mental wellbeing. For me it was important to create dialogue and community and so I sought to find other people of colour who were also struggling with their mental health. During the project I was lucky to meet and hear the stories of people from all over the country.


The zine has been distributed at zine festivals and mental health forums.

Contributors: Leslie, Vee Rodrigues, Josephine Itsheye Ajuyah, Soolagna M, Shinver, Nia, Marziya Mohammedali, Natasha Podesser, Ilham, Caroline Ridler, Stephanie Liew, Shahzadgai, Michelle Nguyen, Giselle nguyen, April Lương and more.

Editor: Xen Nhà

Published in 2015. No longer in print. 

Printed on Wurundjeri land of the Kulin Nation.

Thanks to Melbourne University's Wom*n's Department for financial support.